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Secrets to Retaining Your Team in 2022!

Have you ever spent time searching for the perfect gift wanting to make sure the receiver knows how much you appreciate them? You spend time in the mall, stores, or online looking for just the right present. Then, the gift-giving day arrives and you present the gift only to receive an obligatory, “Thank you.” You feel a tad deflated and wonder if they know how hard you searched for the right expression of your appreciation for them.

Let’s consider how this might play out in the workplace. Your employee or coworker puts in extra time and works diligently to ensure a great outcome. They are very proud of their work, and they gave a lot of extra effort. They share their work and without much thought, you give the obligatory, “Thank you”. Perhaps that is better than no thanks at all however you lost an opportunity to show that you appreciate their efforts.

A thoughtful expression of gratitude can enhance their commitment to the team and the organization. A study by Glassdoor found that 53% of employees would stay longer if they felt appreciated by their manager. That same study found that 81% of employees will work harder if the manager shows appreciation.

As you reflect on 2021, consider your team and your coworkers’ contributions to the overall success of the organization. Reflect on not only the accomplishments but also the gratitude expressed. Was the thanks expressed sincere? Was it personalized for the person and the situation? Here are a few reminders for expressing thoughtful gratitude.

  • Be mindful of the contributions of others

  • Share recognition

  • Learn new things about the team

  • Show gratitude intentionally

  • Celebrate accomplishments

As you consider your 2022 resolutions and goals, consider adding enhancing your recognition and gratitude for your team. What is your new goal for 2022?


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